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Lundi, 03 janvier 2011

Deduplication in StorIQ 3.0 : setup and data

Some people wanted some more information on the test setup used in the deduplication benchmarks, so here are some more details :

  • dual Opteron 2376 system
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 2 Adaptec 52445 RAID controllers
  • 24 Hitachi Ultrastar 2 TB drives in 2 RAID-6 arrays, 64KB stripe.
  • Kernel Linux AMD64 (custom built from vanilla source)
  • RAID arrays agreggated with LVM and mounted as an XFS filesystem.
  • Lessfs

Here are the bonnie++ results (meaningless and empty columns removed). You can clearly see the very low LessFS metadata performance (though Lessfs 1.2.x improves on this, more benchmarks to come).


The block performance results are drawn below :

benchmark results

As you can see, deduplicated performance is more than enough to saturate a 1 Gb network. For more performance hungry users, it will be a great secondary storage. Notice that it’s possible to both have your cake and eat it as you might use both XFS — for maximum performance — and Lessfs — for maximum capacity — storage simultaneously.

Happy New Year!

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